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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Who would go to NY in February?

Most sane people would avoid New York, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire and most of the Eastern Seaboard during the wintry months, unless of course you live there. Or at least most thin-blooded Californians, like myself, would avoid such cold places. (For full disclosure purposes, I did grow up in Buffalo and lived in Boston for five years, so I have much experience with the cold. I just don't like it).

Anyway, sometimes you can't avoid such climates. So the family is headed to South Jersey today for three days for a family thing, and then we head north into not-so-tropical NYC for four days. My nipples can hardly wait.

So for the next few days, Mother in Chief will likely be as barren as the maple trees along the I-90. I'm hoping for some Internet access, but I think it's as likely as 60-degree weather.

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