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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Let's hear it for the girl

I am very excited to update you on PR Friend's concerns that her growing belly might hinder her business.

A few weeks back PR Friend started sharing the great news about her pregnancy with clients because it was getting tough to disguise her belly under baggy shirts. When the time came to actually say the words, this self-assured businesswoman with more than 10 years of PR experience fumbled. "I could barely get the words out. I was embarrassed, scared to tell them," said Kristen, who owns her own PR firm outside of Boston. "It was very awkward."

Kristen's business partner started joining her in meetings with new business prospects. The idea was that having clients see another capable person would help make her upcoming maternity leave as non-issue.

And great news! "Signed a new client last week after a face to face meeting," she said via email. "And had another meeting today where the belly was not even discussed by either party."

It could just be that she is in good company. The new client's CEO was just featured in a Boston magazine story on Generation X Dads. "So maybe I am in the right circle with this one," she added.

What a relief.

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