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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Good feelings all around

There was a little spike in my traffic the past couple of days and since I've been slacking (a.k.a. trying to meet my deadline for the magazine piece I'm working on), I was a bit confused and self-conscious since there were extra eyes checking out my blog.

So thanks to Ann Douglas over at The Mother of All Blogs for calling me out as one of the new "treasures" she recently added to her blog roll.

Douglas is the author of a slew of books on pregnancy, parenting, and child-rearing, and more, including "The Mother of All Pregnancy Books", "The Mother of All Baby Books", The Mother of All Toddler Books, and several others.

Seeing the traffic numbers go up is a thrill in itself, but I'll admit that examining the data is one of the little pleasures I get from writing this blog. I'm always totally fascinated as to how people in Israel and Spain happen upon my writing. I know the Internet is viral, but it's still just so interesting as to how people end up here. So to the folks in Butte, Montana; Livingston, New Jersey; Independence, Oregon; Mililani, Hawaii; and Hinesburg, Vermont, and everywhere else... Welcome! I hope it feels like home.

I also wanted to thank Kevin Koperski of The Daily Writer for the mention as well. It's just so nice to not be alone.

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