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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Toddler in Chief heads to hospital

This blog will be on hiatus while my almost-three-year-old son R heads to the hospital for his third open-heart operation. Thursday will include a 10+ hour day at the hospital for a cardiac catheterization and other tests in preparation for surgery, which is set for March 9. If you are interested in regular updates regarding R's health, please visit R's blog often.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oh! Baby: Breaking the gender-stereotype mold

Even when our babies are too small to know the difference between blue and pink and boy versus girl, we are already--consciously or unconsciously--steering them in one direction or another. Girls are typically surrounded by frilly and pink; boys are surrounded by blue and trucks and trains. Kids barely have a chance to explore their own likes and interests before being told that dolls aren't for boys and tools aren't for girls. Whether this steering happens at home or at school, it's inevitable. I'm doing my best to let Toddler in Chief be who he wants to be, but even then, I've made some mistakes. Breaking away from 30+ years of my own biases and experiences is a hard mold to break.