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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Promotion in the works?

City-Planner Friend and I had breakfast two weekends ago and had a chance to catch up. She managed to score a sweet deal with her employer to work four days a week after her maternity leave ended last summer. She's been very pleased with her arrangement, especially because she lives close enough that she comes home for lunch daily to squeeze in a little mommy-son time.

She has been in her job for a number of years and would like to advance in the department. Even though no promotion has been in the works, she's always wondered if she would decline an opportunity for advancement if it presented itself. She doesn't want to mess with her part-time job situation. Typically promotions--along with a bigger paycheck and a fancier title--bring more responsibility which usually equals longer hours. And she's been worried that any postive lateral move would have an equally negative impact her current arrangement.

Well, City-Planner Friend had a talk with her boss recently about a possible promotion. It's not in the works, but they were talking about career paths and where she sees herself headed in the coming years. The best part was that the current, four-day work week was not mentioned as being a hindrance to making a vertical move.

Perhaps when the time comes and details are being hashed out, it might be a problem. But for now, all is rosy in the city.

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