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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh! Baby: What's on your kid's butt?

For the majority of Toddler in Chief's life, his bum has been wrapped with cloth diapers, secured with Snappi Clips. A diaper service makes this choice a little less gross, although there are lots of people who wash their own cloth diapers and don't think it's so bad either. Sure I secretly like when we go out of town and I have to use those evil disposable diapers. No soggy remains of that big glass of juice that TIC had at breakfast. No stinky reminders of TIC's dinner heavily wrapped in the diaper bag (which makes me feel like a dog owner carrying around a plastic bag of poo). I hate that I secretly enjoy those using those things. If only my conscience didn't care.


  1. Snappi Clips? Whoah, you use honest-to-God real cloth diapers? Just a section of cloth held together with clips? Burly.

    I use pocket diapers which have a waterproof outer layer and a suedecloth inner lining (which doesn't stain or retain water). An absorbent insert (of my choosing) goes inside the "pocket" between the two linings to retain moisture. The diaper is held on with snaps.

    What made you go with "old school" cloth diapers instead of something easier?

  2. They are the easiest because I don't have to do anything except take them off and put them in the bin for my service to clean. And there is a diaper cover over the cloth -- something like a bumkins wrap or a prowrap. I love the idea of fuzzibunz, but then I'd have to wash them.

  3. Ahh, OK, a cover. For a second there I was concerned (or amazed).