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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Oh! Baby: To snip or to tie, that is the question

Just five days ago, Systems Administrator Friend had her third baby via c-section. While her belly was open, she had her tubes tied. She said that her husband will also have a vasectomy because they don't want to take any chances for a possible fourth baby. For a long time I thought Father in Chief would be the one to take on the burden of managing our birth control after we retired my uterus, since it's been my thing--from the pill, to a diaphragm, to an IUD--for so many years. I'll admit, though, that after all my research on circumcision, I don't anyone to cut up FIC's special parts either. So where does that leave us? I guess right back where we were for all those years before kids...because I'm not having a tubal ligation. From morning sickness to labor, my body has been through enough! I guess we could always resort to condoms, but they really are lame.


  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I don't see the link between being against newborn circumcision and being reluctant to choose a vasectomy. Would you mind going through your thought process for me?


  2. Chief-

    Circumcision is utterly barbaric. I should know - I held my son as the mohel performed the ceremony and I was aghast at this Jewish tradition. (I am Jewish.) I never knew what I would do if I had another boy. That was not an issue, however, as Thing Two was a girl, and I promptly told the Ball & Chain to go get himself spayed.

    As I see it, circumcision on my newborn was horrid because it was unnecessary and he was neither anaesthetized nor cognizant of any choice. Ball & Chain, however, sat around leading a regular life while I gained 65 pounds, grew hemmorrhoids, popped a kid, had an episiotomy, and continued along the merry path of being a female lactating menstruating ovulating adult. Then I did it again, only the second time with early contractions, bedrest, and fear.

    I had no problem watching B&C hold an icepack to his balls for a few days. If you are careful within the required time period, you should be safely not-pregnant and birth-controlled afterward.

    Let him do it. After all, you're the Chief.

  3. I was circumcised when I was 6 months old because I could not urinate due to phimosis. A lady doctor circumcised me and my parents told me that I did not cry. They did not put any diaper for me until it healed. Even one aunt who visited me when I was circumcised used to tell me about that. My parents were proud of my circumcision but the only time I was embarrassed was when my mother undressed me to bath me. Most of my cousins were females and older than me. They all saw me when my mom bathed me. But I am comfortable with my circumcision. My wanted me to examine my penis always and made sure I kept it clean.