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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Gravy train nears its final stop

As fabulous as my super flexible part-time writing gig has been, Oh! has decided to not renew our contracts. From what I know, they are shutting the whole thing down. Or at least they decided to not pay for their content any longer. Or at least they decided to not pay for my super content any longer ;-) The juice debate is set to end mid-March.

I'm definitely bummed because it's been a great writing experience, complete with deadlines. Still, it will be a proud addition to my stagnating resume, and came complete with a sweet monthly paycheck. But I'm also a little relieved because TIC is about to go into the hospital for several weeks, which could make focusing on my writing and meeting those deadlines a little tricky (I could have totally done it though).

The good news is that I feel completely encouraged because I've proven to myself that my brain is still fully functional, even though I've been mostly removed from the workforce for the past three years. Perhaps I'll be motivated to get out there to drum up some new work after TIC is home and fully recovered. Without fully ripping off Bob the Builder: Can I do it? Yes I can!

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  1. Sorry about your job (although it sounds like you're completely okay with it and that's great!)

    If they are in fact shutting down the Opiniated Parenting blog, I think they're doing it prematurely. It's unrealistic to expect instant "success." Too bad for them.

    You can definitely use your skills to get another corporate-type blogging gig, if that's what you want to do. I see that world really opening up for writers, especially those who are comfortable and know their way around blogging already.

    Sending good thoughts your way about TIC's surgery.