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Monday, February 06, 2006

Modified mission accomplished, sort of

Despite yesterday's curmudgeon-like attitude, I signed up for the pre-natal fitness class and actually attended the first one today. Getting out the door without Toddler in Chief was a feat all by itself. No, it's not anything to stimulate my brain, like an actual class where you learn stuff. But at least I'm doing something for me--even if it is directly related to motherhood.

They say the first step is always the hardest, right? Perhaps this will build confidence that I can actually manage to get out of the house and attend a regularly-scheduled event without TIC (and no, going out dancing doesn't count--only because it's not a regular enough outing).

And the verdict is that it was great fun, and there were some potential friends there (yes, still mourning the move of my fabulous dance partner-in-crime). Yes, I was scoping out the class--probably would have been asked to leave if anyone knew. I tried to do it on the sly, but I'm a bit out of practice.


  1. Yay! Good for you. I always wanted to do pre-natal fitness classes but I never seemed able to drag my carcass off the couch...

  2. Good for you!!! And I say don't even go stealth! After the next class, ask anyone if they want to grab a cup of coffee. If not then, then maybe another time.

    And as for TIC's surgery, maybe you will be able to take a little break for yourself. Obviously you want to be there for TIC, and you WILL be, but you also have BIC in there now who needs you to take care of yourself, so you can take care of him/her!

    If TIC is doing well and FIC or someone else is there - go to the class!