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Friday, June 24, 2005

"I'll have to figure something out"

Those were the words uttered by City Planner Friend's boss last week. For the past couple of months, she's been subbing for her immediate manager while he's been out of the office for and she's been doing a damn-fine job.

Well the boss is coming back to work full-time soon, but where would that leave City Planner Friend?

She's been in the same job for five years (until this current arrangement). Because of her solid track record, she managed to work out a nice part-time situation. It allows her to keep working part of the time and still be home with her son part of the time. She even comes home for lunch most days to be with him. But usually with city planners, the way to get a promotion is to move to another district because jobs don't open up that frequently that would allow someone to move up and stay in the same city. But since she managed a nice maternity leave and a part-time situation, she's been apprehensive to move because her part-time gig would probably be nearly impossible to land in a new district.

But, things are getting interesting. Now that she has proven that she can handle extra responsibility in a modified work-week, it seems that it might be time for a change. And the boss says so. Now he just has to figure out how to give City Planner Friend the extra responsibility (and bigger, rightfully deserved paycheck) in the current organizational structure.

It's exciting and encouraging to see someone actually figure this work-parenting thing out with success.

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  1. In many situations the "figuring out" part seems to be a bigger challenge than the work itself. That's so wonderful that it's working out for her though!