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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

MIC needs business cards

Things are moving forward with my assignment. I’ve hired child care. I’m doing research. I’m making calls. I’m taking notes.

I even went out of the “office” today to meet up with a doctor that I interviewed for my upcoming article. He offered to lend me one of his books on the topic I’m researching, so I guess you could say I had a “business meeting” this morning. It was all very official.

But since I’ve been out of the professional loop for so long, I wasn’t even sure what to wear. I ended up in Capri pants and a white t-shirt. Sunglasses were propped up in my hair, which was all tied up behind my head. It probably wasn’t very professional looking. But for someone who just fed a toddler breakfast without ending the meal with toddler-sized jam-prints on my pants, I was very pleased with myself.

But here’s the kicker. After I picked up the very technical reading material for my story, the doc suggested I head over to his clinic and get some brochures on the topic, which just cover the basics. So I moseyed into the non-descript beige-stuccoed building behind the ER and the person working there wanted more than just my name. He asked for my card. I had nothing official to hand over to make my freelance career seem legit, so he spelled my last name back to me to make sure he got it right. I’m sure he immediately went to search for me online to make sure I’m not a crazy person.

Although if he lands here, he just might think I am--I certainly have proclaimed it numerous times.

But the moral of this story is this: I'm going to get myself some business cards to make this freelance writing thing all official. Although, just like my ID when I'm ordering a coctail, I'll probably never be asked for it again.

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  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

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