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Monday, December 26, 2005

Books I never knew I needed to read

Before I was a parent, I don't know that I even considered myself a feminist. Sure I believed in equal pay for women and that women should have all the same rights as men. But beyond that it seemed foreign to me. And because Father in Chief and I weren't sure we wanted kids, it wasn't as if ending my career to be a parent was even in my thoughts. I know there were crappy days at work when I thought it would be easier to be home with kids, but it was not something I'd actually consider. That is, until I was pregnant.

Anyway, now that I'm home and I wonder, "Who am I?" I want to read all of the books that women read and have read. So my Christmas list was filled with stuff I'm almost embarrassed to admit I haven't read yet…probably because I'm too busy chasing after my two-year-old. They are:

I hope to finish reading these by the time Toddler in Chief goes to kindergarten. Do you have any other must-reads for identity-struggling parents?


  1. The Price of Motherhood
    The Second Shift

    For humor--Life Among the Savages by Shirley Jackson

  2. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Mommy Guilt


  3. I will be adding all of these to my Amazon wish list. Thanks!

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  5. The same thing happened to me - I didn't realize I was a feminist until I became a mother.

    I also enjoy Anna Quindlen's writing on parenting and other topics (I agree with her politics though) and there are a few books of her columns available. And to go a bit further back, Erma Bombeck.

    Also, The Mommy Myth is one of my favorite mothering-related books.

  6. Ah, I was going to suggest "The Mommy Myth" but I see someone else beat me to it.

    You might also enjoy the essays & articles on MMO here: - they have a lengthy list of books there (enough to keep you busy until your kid is in high school!); and also at Mothers & More:

  7. It's short on angst but long on the joys of mothering -- I just read Ten Circles Upon the Pond and loved it.