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Friday, December 09, 2005

I saw the pity in their eyes

Cold season has kept us very close to home the past week or two. I can barely recall the feeling of a cool breeze on my face, yet alone my arms or legs.

That said, we had a fabulous adventure yesterday--to the pharmacy. Toddler in Chief was thrilled to be going in the car and he announced our destination again and again during our 12-minute drive to our local Kaiser facility. "We're going to the Farm-a-Cee, Farm-a-Cee, Farm-a-Cee." Not sure what types of animals he suspected lived at this kind of pharm, but no matter what he imagined I'm sure he was sorely disappointed.

As we waited in line for our consultation with the pharmacist, TIC admired the vitamin bottles and announced each one by name: "Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C." And then he wondered aloud with good reason, "Where's vitamin J? Where's vitamin L?"

There we were out in public. My hair had not been brushed. I'm can't recall if my teeth had been. I was still wearing my PJs. They were simply hidden by the sweats that I had pulled on over them that morning. I was braless--and I can assure you that this isn't a pretty sight. TIC was completely mismatched. Orange pants, red shirt, hair askew with lunch acting as some kind of colorful styling product. Super goo was running down his face and was caked into any and all crevices.

As we waited for our turn, two very stylish and totally groomed women in their 20s with perfect hair and makeup got in line behind us. I could see the shock on their faces and I could almost hear the declarations being made in their heads to never, ever have kids. I knew they pitied me for my disheveled look and my predicament.

I suspect that they were waiting to talk with the pharmacist about their new birth control pills and I was the ad proclaiming that they'd made the right choice.


  1. Yes, all pajama bottoms should be bought with the thought that they might one day be pants. IMO, flannels work best for this. Thin, see-through things are out.

    I once was one of those twenty something girls. And now I'm a suburban housewife with snot nosed kids. What happened?!

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Instead of thinking they may never have kids, those girls may have been thinking "I'll never be one of THOSE moms"

    Didn't we all think that at some point (pre-kids)? That we'd all be perfectly put together mommies, with clean neat children?

  3. This could be me any day :)