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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Oh! Baby: Where is the best place to raise a kid?

Deciding where to live is a personal choice. There are benefits and negatives to living in the city and the suburbs. For years, I was a city girl…from Boston, to London, to San Francisco. Those were good times, but somewhere in there I spent six months in Boulder, Co., and those months in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains made me realize how much I love nature and hiking. That said, I never have been a big fan of snakes or mosquitoes, and I have an unnatural fear that mountain lions are lingering in every tree waiting to attack.

Anyway, after we got married we headed back into the Burbs, closer to nature and a deck for a hot tub. And now that we're raising our kid away from the city, I do sometimes romanticize about all the great stuff and never-ending excitement that we might be missing out on. But then I realize a hike in the hills is just a couple of minutes from our house and I don't mind that the city is a drive away.

What about you? Why do you like or hate where you're raising your kid?


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    We're raising our children in Boulder county (currently renting in Boulder and closing on our house in Broomfield in three weeks) and we LOVE it here. We couldn't imagine living anywhere else. We've been here nine years and will never move away because nature is so much a part of our lives, now. Our kids ski, hike, bike, swim and we camp in nearby Estes Park. We truly feel as though we lead a charmed life and couldn't imagine trading it for congested city life.

  2. We currently live in Northern Virginia. The schools are great, people are friendly, being close to DC is fantastic, but as crazy as it sounds we both miss Wichita Kansas! (or as my born and raised New York stepmother calls it, "The middle'a no-weh-yuh") Wichita's biggest advantage was small city, large heart. There is something for everyone, theatre, art galleries, sports, university stuff. I'm a native NY'er, love the East coast and if I were a millionaire, I'd move back to NYC in a heartbeat. Just can't swing it until I either write a best seller or get a hundred speaking engagements a year! We also liked St. Louis for many of the same reasons as Wichita, but add more cultural diversity. My son did feel in Wichita a bit of "Ambassador of the Jewish People" syndrome.

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