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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Wombs everywhere buzzing into action

Portfolio Manager Mom has confirmed her departure from our weekly group with an email. She wrote: "As all of you know, I am going back to work full time, which means we won't be able to come to playgroup anymore...The transition to preschool for (PM Toddler) has been much faster than expected. (PM Toddler)'s adjusting to preschool was one of my biggest worry, so I'm glad that things turn out better than expected."

Better than expected for PM Toddler. And I can only hope that PMM's transition back to the workforce is a nicer than the madness Bethany over at Writing Mommy is experiencing.

So that leaves me flying solo as the one mom in the group who is not trying to double the number of kids in the house. Being outnumbered is a strange feeling. No one has asked me outright when I'm having another. But I find that I keep bringing it up with the women in the group. So in addition toddlerhood, I'm talking about babies and labor and pregnancy and feeling the baby move and contractions and labor and meconium and placentas and crowning and labor and pushing and epidurals and c-sections and bleeding and labor and breastfeeding and not sleeping and lions and tigers and bears.

Oh my.

Why am I doing this to myself? I'm just starting to really enjoy Toddler in Chief's independent playtime and my subsequent enjoyment in a little bit of personal time. But what is really interesting is that I keep bringing it up with Father in Chief:

"So when do you think we should have another?"
"Three years is a good age gap, don't you think?"
"Don't want to have them too far apart."
"I don't want to have a baby in the fall or winter."
"That means we need to get pregnant during X time of year."

I was not talking about this stuff a month ago when the non-pregnant women outnumbered the pregnant women. I'm sure there is some hormonal/biological happenings here. The pregnant women are seeping with hormones. Being around them makes the non-pregnant women interested in being pregnant. Seems like some kind of Jedi Mind Trick. And I think it's working.

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  1. And so what's wrong with just having one child? I often wonder what that would have been like, and I know my life would be so much easier :). Before I got pregnant with baby number 2, I was thin again, with a whole lot of 'me time' to spare. Since the birth of my son, I think I've surrendered to motherhood. I don't really think about going back to work. Heck, I don't even think about hanging out with girlfriends or going out to get my hair done, simply because there is so little time to really sit and think. But I wouldn't change a thing. Today the kiddos fell asleep in the car while running errands, and they just looked so cute together. The thought of them growing up and having each other to lean on when they're older makes the current craziness seem so worth it. I just try to remember that that "me time" will be there waiting when the kiddos are older. Or at least I hope so!