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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I interrupt this program...

Okay, this post has everything to do with living life to the fullest and taking advantage of the small breaks we carve into of our hectic schedules to do things that are fun, for grown-ups!

And I apologize in advance to those who don't live in the Bay Area. But you shouldn't feel totally left out. Rather, be inspired to find the escape you need to be alive and in the moment, wherever you live.

For those of you who live in the Bay Area (particularly on the Peninsula), this is your chance.

Get into the Groove!!

An amazingly energetic 80s cover band called Notorious is playing at the Little Fox Theatre in Redwood City this Friday, April 8. If you want a glimpse of your former, non-parenting, single self, join me, Father in Chief, Attorney Friend, City Planner Friend, Childcare Development Friend, Therapist Friend, and others in your dance shoes to reminisce through the music you grew up with.

Here's my disclaimer: I do not personally know this band. However, I do travel great distances with friends to go see them whenever possible. The farthest trip was 80 miles north to a place in Santa Rosa. And the only thing I gain out of having a big turnout: maybe they'll play in Redwood City more often. Woo hoo!!

So grab your girlfriends, or book a babysitter and head out with your partner, and shake your groove thing.

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