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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Success through osmosis?

I had a very important dinner tonight. It was a businessy dinner. It was at Google. There was a cafeteria full of busy people with important job titles. I am pretty sure you can become successful by osmosis. I should start having dinner there more often. If nothing else, I'd be successful at having a clean kitchen on the nights I dine at Google.

On a side note, I was also surrounded by kids with food in their hair. With that same line of thinking, I hope that I don't become a total slob because I was also around those messy-haired kids. Bollocks! A self exam leads me to believe that it's too late to avoid the messy part. At least the kitchen is clean.


  1. I have an idea - dinner at google NO KIDS. Win. Win. I gotta get Ryan in on that place.

  2. Hey, what's that saying, "Dress for success." Something like that right? Maybe if you eat in the right places, it will bring you to the right places. :-)

  3. If nothing else, I'd be successful at having a clean kitchen on the nights I dine at Google. my site

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