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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The easiest connection

Shouting out how many candles were on our last birthday cake isn't something we regularly do as adults. It's more of a private affair, especially for woman. Even with my friends I sometimes feel uncomfortable asking how old they are. I don’t want to pry. And I certainly don't want to make anyone feel self-conscious.

But as a kid, it is something to be proud of. Last night I was out listening to Christmas carolers with the kids and some friends. Mathematician Friend introduced me to her friend and her friend's kids. The one boy said: "My name is Daniel and I'm four and a half." Preschooler in Chief lit up and said with total delight, "I'm four and a half too!" That was all they needed to connect, to know that they would get along. And so I shouted out, "I'm 34. But after Christmas, I'll almost be 34 and a half!"

It was silly, but it felt good to get it out there. I don't have any hang-ups about my least for now.


  1. I still feel a special kinship with somebody when I find out they're the same age as I am. "Oh, you graduated from high school in 1989, college in 1993 and remember the A-Team too? Awesome!"

  2. i'm 35 1/2!!

    my son can't even say that, yet.

    i like to imagine i look young for my age.

    it's all about being young -- people want to stay young. beyond that i do not know why anyone should be ashamed to state their age. it's, quite frankly, VERY RIDICULOUS!

  3. I hear ya sister... and it gets really bad when um, you have to count how old you really are.

    Does that mean we are too old? or too busy?

  4. What's even more distressing is when you start to lose track. 36? 38?

    I was born in July 1970. I love finding the other 1970 babies on the blogs I read, and I'm going to be aggressively indifferent to age for as long as physically and emotionally possible.

    37! Almost 37 and a half!

  5. Say it loud and say it proud! ;^) I'm glad our birthdays are only a week apart. I will always have someone lovely to share my age with. :^D

    Just the other day, I was interviewing a childcare provider on the phone and she said, "Do you mind if I ask you how old you are?" When I told her I'm 34, she said, "Wow! You just sound like such a young mom." That made me happy. I'm not really a young mom, but I'm still a young person - at least on the inside, where it really counts. ;^)