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Friday, September 02, 2005

Is this the United States of America?

Last time I checked I live in the United States and I'm certain that Louisiana is part of the United States. I even just double-checked the map to be certain.

Yet, when I watch the destruction and devastation and death on television, you wouldn't be able tell. I am disgusted at the slow moving efforts that our government has taken to help the stranded people of Louisiana, who are starving and dehydrated and dying in front of us on live television.

Our government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to fight a war in Iraq, yet we can't even get together to help people in our own country. Is it because Louisiana isn't a top oil producer?

Instead Bush held a press conference with Former Presidents Clinton and Bush to ask the people of this country to open their wallets to help the efforts. I'm all for people donating money and I already have, but this country is so wealthy that we shouldn't need to wait for the citizens of this country to pay for some aid.

Where are the helicopters dropping food and water and medicine and diapers? Why isn't every working airplane taking necessities to Louisiana? Why isn't every available helicopter finding and rescuing refugees slowing dying on rooftops?

I heard on the news that Congress is going to get together sometime this weekend or early next week to approve an aid package. I don't understand why it is taking so long. It is disgusting that action wasn't taken immediately.

As we watch this unfold before our eyes, I hold my son and cry as these women hold their infants and beg for water and food so that they children don't die in their arms. I have written a letter to every one of my elected officials from President Bush all the way down my city's mayor and city clerk to find out what they have done to help.

This is inexcusable.

Find your elected officials and light a fire.

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  1. I'm opening the wallet, getting the word out. I think it hasn't been America for awhile. I miss it. I hope everyone gets the help that is being offered--and soon!