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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Feeling energized, taking on a new project

I've written a lot about wanting to work more, wishing that I was able to make a step to get that next story going, but excuses no more! Tomorrow I'll be calling my editor to say that I'm ready to take on that next project, if they'll still have me.

Yes, it's true. Editor asked me to do some additional reporting on one of my story ideas more than two months ago. And I was too busy, or too scared to actually get into the regular-work-schedule thing. I was in the middle of reporting one project and it was too much to take on another task before that one was completed. Maybe I was afraid of getting what I wanted. It's weird, but the status quo is so comfortable a place to be sometimes. Even though I complained about wanting to work more. Even though I complained when I didn't hear back from magazines that I pitched. Even though I complained when national magazines declined my story ideas.

But no more sitting back on my laurels and basking in the byline of my recent magazine piece.

Maybe I feel energized because Father in Chief is emotionally in a better place at his new job. Maybe I feel energized because Grampy in Chief is visiting. It's amazing how many projects can be taken on (and accomplished!!) when there is an extra set of loving eyes on Toddler in Chief. I can focus on making important telephone calls. I can use a hammer and nails while on a six-foot ladder and not worry that TIC will start climbing up the ladder while I'm perched several feet off the ground.

So I'm feeling good and ready to do something for me.

Maybe I'm energized because I've inspired someone. Maybe I'm energized because of a fabulous Mothers' Day. Doing something decadent for myself today was perhaps just the thing to rebalance the work/parenting conundrum. I had some serious me time with friends and it was a chance to step back and realize I like doing things for me. I love TIC, but if I'm not happy, then he won't be getting a good, positive, productive mom. Same for FIC. If I'm not happy, he's not getting a good, productive wife ;-)

And today was the perfect day. A delicious breakfast was prepared: french toast with fresh berries (or fresh berries with french toast, to be more accurate), a decaf latte, and a bouquet of white roses (picked out by Toddler in Chief, apparently). After that, lounging around with the New York Times. Then FIC took TIC to the aviation museum while I got together with other mom friends at a local watering hole. We had cocktails and dessert. Glorious, indeed.

Let's hope this positive vibe/drive carries through the night and I'm actually able to pick up the phone tomorrow.


  1. Well, my daddy says time and time again, "Happy parents make happy children". You gotta do what makes you happy, NOT you gotta do what makes your kids happy.

    I feel like I had an unusual upbringing. my parents were unconventional, straight-talking... i dunno they were unlike any other parents i ever encountered. but i was a happy kid. they didn't encourage us to do afterschool sports. they told me they didn't care what the other kids did (actually, it was "I don't give a shit about anyone else -- we are talking about you!". they never went to my band concerts. and you know what? it was OK! my parents loved each other, supported each other. they lived the life they wanted, honest and real. and my brother and i -- i dunno, we just didn't think much about anything. we always knew we could count on our parents.

    i know so many kids are brought up in unhappy homes. it's really hard for me to imagine what that is like for those kids. and here i am with my own kid. and i've just become a single mom. and it's time to do the shit that makes ME happy. because i know it's gonna be good for my kid.

    happy parents make happy children.

    MIC, i applaud your mother's day. Good for you!!

  2. I'm trying to encourage myself to set higher goals for myself, too -- to go for the magazine market that might say no (but that I really want to write for), rather than the one that is more likely to say yes (but that won't help me grow as a writer).

    Ann D
    The Mother of All Blogs

  3. I think I fret way too much, and that keeps me from doing what I really want to do. I'm better about now with the second child, but that fretting is still there. It annoys me more than it does my husband because the thought process goes around in circles. But usually all it takes is that "Just do it" Nike-esque attitude, even if it pertains to mundane little tasks like ironing. But it's amazing what a domino effect it has. Once one thing is accomplished, I get that wonderful YIPPEEE feeling - even if it is just ironing. ;) Some day I'd like to set my sights on something bigger. So I think that is so awesome that you are working on more REAL WORLD things. Not that having neatly pressed shirts isn't important, but being able to accomplish anything that isn't related to children or housework is a great feat.

    And I'm the same way when I can get out with the girlfriends. It's amazing what a great pick-me-up that can be!