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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bay Area Parent Magazine debut

I've been alluding to this event for months. And finally, I can point you to my much-anticipated cover story for Bay Area Parent Magazine.

And wouldn't you know it that I was out of town when the publication's boxes were first filled last Monday with this month's issue?

Without further adu, you can read my story online here: Moms' Clubs Come of Age*

*Warning: BAP's web site has a confusing user interface. And you must register for the site and download a plug-in to get access to the article online. For an easier experience, pick up a hard copy (if you're local)...It's free.


  1. Regsitering now and will be reading the article as we speak.... since am not a local resident of the Bay Area to collect a hard copy and get signed, I'm taking the online approach. I am sure I will be delighted with the article! :-)

    Way to go girl!

  2. Now if only I could motivate myself to start on the next piece...

  3. You'll find it. She tends to hide herself when you are basking in glory of publication. :-) When you mix work in the picture- motivation takes a permanent vacation. I'm trying to lure her back--you think chocolage works?

  4. that is CHOCOLATE... man, I need sleep. Ha! :-)