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Monday, March 21, 2005

Paycheck and pregnant

As if looking for a job isn't hard enough on its own, searching while you're pregnant adds a whole extra layer of frustration and anxiety.

While it is illegal for a potential employer to ask about your current fertility status or future reproductive plans, it inevitably creeps into the interview process. Knowing what to say or not say and when to say it, is a debated issue. And the New York Times published some guidelines for the pregnant job-seeker (thanks to for pointing me to it).

I've written about this issue a bit in the past with three points of view: PR Friend worries that her growing belly will hurt business, a Hiring Manager's perspective, and Attorney Friend's dilemma.

With or without the anti-discrimination laws, the pregnancy-job search dilemma will continue, as women feel guilty about their rights. The NY Times article offers tips on how to break the news and when, as well as things to keep in mind, such as how your healthcare benefits might be affected if your new employer considers pregnancy as a pre-existing condition.

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