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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Going solo

This past Saturday I found out that two of my women friends have become single. One friend split with her partner. The other friend lost her partner to a tragedy.

Mostly, as I think about these women, I think about their babies. Both have babies that are less than one year old. One is an at-home mom. The other works off hours so that she can be with her baby a good chunk of the day. And now both of these women are going to be looking for ways to keep afloat, emotionally and financially.

I'm also reminded that being here in the first place--writing this blog about parenting and work--is a luxury. I am fortunate to be in a stable relationship that grants me the flexibility to be at home with our son. I am fortunate to pursue writing that interests me; I'm not be driven by what stories pay the most per word or by how many I can pump out in the least amount of time. Being here in the first place says a lot.

Many women don't get to sit back and wonder how to make the most of their free time. Many women don't get to ponder how to mold their careers to fit into their parenting schedules. Many don't struggle with their professional identities being chipped away because they never gave up their work-identity in the first place.

People raise kids and work all the time. People raise kids without partners all the time. It happens and I doubt it's easy. Sacrifices are down every road, every path, and in every decision.

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