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Monday, June 23, 2008

Not sure which is worse

Is it worse to a) have the occasional poo left in your front lawn by an irresponsible dog owner, or b) have your yard fouled every single day with a picture of a dog pooing in your yard?

While I'm not sure I'll ever know the answer to the above question, I cannot help but wonder if the homeowner went out of her way to seek a sign like this to post in her yard, or if it was just a serendipitous find she just had to have.


  1. I prefer the picture. I can't stand poop. animal or otherwise! LOL

    La Petite Belle

  2. ah... but we are assuming that the sign WORKS. It's much more likely that the property owner has the sign AND the actual poop. The worst of both worlds. this sign deserves a place on


  3. I thought the sign meant "please do not attach a chain to your dog's ass."

  4. If I had a problem neighborhood dog, I'd definitely prefer the sign. Dog lovers usually think of these pets as their own children. Well, I've got five kids and I have never let any one of them crap in someones yard.