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Friday, May 18, 2007

Inappropriately goofy

Between people accidentally farting while stretching or snoring during meditation, I have a really hard time not snickering during yoga. Don't get me wrong, I'm probably hooked for life. But am I the only one who thinks it is funny? It is impossible to take it all so seriously. I am thankful that our eyes are closed during much of this because I have such a hard time keeping a straight face. Thankfully no one has asked me to leave for being goofy. And for now, I'm grateful that I have not had any farting incidents (I'll fess up if I do). A girlfriend told me after my first day of yoga that all that stretching just loosens everything up. Still, I'm going to work extra hard to make sure my intestinal track doesn't fail me in public. Perhaps hanging around with three- and four-year-olds is the reason I find farting in public funny.


  1. Farting in public IS funny, whether you hang around regularly with 3 and 4 year olds or not.

    Anyone who doesn't think FIP is funny literally has no sense of humor.

  2. This is precisely why most yoga groups have stopped serving fava beans and root beer before class.

  3. It IS funny - unless it is really smelly - then it's just painful! :^) I have to say though back in the years when I did yoga regularly (i.e. pre-kids), I don't remember anyone farting or snoring. Hmmm . . .maybe east coast yoga is different from west coast yoga! ;^)

  4. Excellent point Babs... so far, nothing smelly has come my way. It's just been little audible toots. I'm sure I won't think it's so funny if one inhibits my ability to breathe... and/or snicker ;-)

  5. I used to snicker, sometimes privately during yoga, all the time.

    Then I conned a friend into coming along for the pain.
    Which lead to guffaws when the coach would touch her 'just so' and a muscle would pull and she'd glare at me from the front of the class. Priceless.