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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Forget the kids--celebrate you

The best way to celebrate Mother's Day is stop feeling like a mom and feel more like a woman, a person! Father in Chief and I had a little date last night. We booked a sitter went out for a drink and some dessert. Well, all I needed to do was to shed my nursing bra for a black lacy bra and matching undies to realize that I am indeed still a woman, even if most days, I'm a lactating, comfy-pants wearing mother.

I really recommend it. It was quite liberating, even if it was short-lived.

And I even celebrated part of today with my kids. But only because my original plan to go to yoga and have a massage was thwarted because I cut my finger Friday night trying to wedge two hunks of frozen baby food apart (now there's a argument for buying the pre-made stuff that comes in jars). Anyway, the knife incident led to a dreadful four-and-a-half hour stay in the emergency room. As as result, my hands were rendered useless for yoga (and typing up until today). I suppose hanging out with the family wasn't all bad. There was breakfast and a lovely picnic in the park. Still, I'm going to reschedule my massage for later this week and hopefully I'll be back to my alternate nostril breathing by next weekend.

In the meantime, I think I'll be sporting my sassy, lacy bra at least once a week to remind myself that under the spit-up and crusty goop, I'm still an attractive female who does own (and occasionally wears) sexy lingerie. Alternatively, I could wear it for a couple of hours each day. Perhaps as soon as the kids go to bed, I'll go up and change into it. And then maybe, just maybe, there will be another reminder that I am indeed an enticing woman. Now if only there was a wardrobe change that was a quick fix for exhaustion.

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  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Watch out she's got a knife! Funny one of my mother's day presents was a sexy bra. Its always nice not only to feel enticing but to know that someone else sees you in the same light and wouldn't mind accessorizing the OTHER you. Too bad today was back to the grind. It should be celebrate mom MONTH!