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Monday, January 01, 2007

Good riddance, sort of

I couldn't be happier about saying good-bye to 2006. For the most part, it was an incredibly crappy year for the Mother in Chief household. Still, there were a few glimmers of goodness among the muck. So instead of dwelling on the muck, I'd like to point out a few goodies to be thankful for as I start 2007.

  1. Toddler in Chief survived his third heart surgery and long hospitalization.

  2. Our incredible families provided us with tremendous support through it all.

  3. I did not go into pre-term labor after I fell down the stairs when I was eight months pregnant.

  4. I gave birth to a healthy and fabulous baby boy.

  5. Father in Chief's company was bought by Google and he is happy at his new job.

  6. I visited my fabulous friend in Atlanta.

  7. I visited Grammy & Wayne, Grandma, Grandpa and others in Western New York.

  8. The worst thing Grammy & Wayne lost during a devastating, freak October snowstorm was an apple tree.

  9. I stopped hating my sister in law.

  10. My brother and mom who have been estranged for nearly a decade are starting to mend their relationship.

  11. Father in Chief did not break any bones or have any debilitating injuries following a serious cycling accident.

  12. I started writing a book.

  13. I donated breastmilk to a family who adopted a baby boy.

  14. We attended Family Camp, which is an amazing free camp for families who have kids with heart defects.

  15. My sister in law got engaged and is buying a house with her hubby-to-be.

  16. Grampy got a job writing grants at a non-profit in Buffalo.
This list is not complete, so please excuse my inadvertent omissions. Here's to the good overshadowing the bad in 2007!


  1. It has been a year to remember for sure. I am so happy that I was there for some of the worst (surgery) and some of the best (birth). Loveya Grammy

  2. Wow! We are blessed with the good things that happened in 2006. Thank you for putting it into perspective. Your words are humbling. Thank you for beginning the process of rekindling our relationship! May 2007 bring bigger and brighter things!

  3. OUT with the old
    In with the NEW