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Friday, January 05, 2007

A moment of silence, privacy

There is no such thing as a leisurely pooh around here. When you live with a nimble-witted kid, potty time is no time for lingering, dawdling, or reading. There is also no such thing as a solo pooh around here. Any attempt at privacy is immediately thwarted. The door is opened to observe not only the process of elimination, but to actively participate in the flushing of elimination. This is followed by a serious of questions on the whereabouts of the toilet's contents when they are no longer visible to the spectator.

While Preschooler in Chief (formerly known as Toddler in Chief) was at his first day of school yesterday, something completely unexpected happened--I sat on the toilet with the door closed! I went in, pulled my pants down, and then realized I was alone--Baby in Chief was asleep and PIC was at school. I hesitated at first because a closed bathroom door seemed so kooky. But I overcame my reluctance, closed the door, and did my thing in total privacy. I even lingered with a magazine. I sat there for so long that my legs started to go numb. It was glorious and worth all the subsequent pins and needles.

If someone had told me about this lovely and unexpected side effect of PIC attending preschool, he would have been signed up ages ago.

Public potty time: this little nugget should be added to the list of things that never occured to me before having kids.


  1. Its always a great day when you can go to the LOO without TWO!

    i am happy for you!


  2. nice. I was just wondering recently WHEN that was going to happen to me again. But toddler is only 21 months old....and he is usually accompanied by dog too! Maybe the other adult member of the family, who disappears in there without offspring or dog, and with a stack of interesting looking literature, can share his secret one day...if he does, I'll pass it along.

  3. Better yet, how about this scenario?

    One bathroom, a door that doesn't close properly, and no doorknob...

    Of course we have the obligatory curious dog, peeping boys, and chatty toddlers as well.

    Add breastfeeding a newborn to the mix and my privacy AND modesty goes entirely out the window.

    Thank goodness we don't do that "community bed" thing too!