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Friday, July 21, 2006

Just showing us who's boss

Thirteen days after my due date, I was finally induced at 10am on Saturday. The pitocin was discontinued a couple of hours later and Carter MacLeod Norton was born at 5:12pm. The serious contractions really didn't kick in until noon so things went very quickly (I was in labor for 20 hours with Toddler in Chief). TIC had an opportunity to meet his baby brother before bedtime!

We were discharged just 18 hours later. Our family has gained some valuable hospital management skills. Here are the first pictures.

Now for some rest!

P.S. for those who've asked, MacLeod is a family name - Carter's paternal great-great-great grandmother was Lydia Ann MacLeod. She was born to Scottish immigrants in Prince Edward Island in 1864, joining most of Carter's paternal ancestors who had already been in America since the early 1600s. Carter's maternal side would arrive years later from Germany, Ireland and Italy.


  1. hooray!
    congrats !
    we are so happy for you all!


  2. How wonderful!

    But I've never heard of a physician that would let someone go 13 days overdue with their first, nevermind their second!

    (I went 11 days overdue, but I had to have a midwife in order to not get bugged about induction!)

  3. Aaaw, wonderful! He is adorable! Congrats!!!!

  4. What beautiful sons you have. (And you don't look too shabby yourself, for a woman who just had a baby by induction!). Congratulations.

  5. Mazel tov, Mama!

    Hope my blog helps you through!

    - Chelsea
    "I'm Somebody's Mother?"

  6. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Hi Suzanne,

    Happened on your site by total accident. Some interesting coincidences here:

    My family name is Galante too [Rhodes].

    My grandparents [Irish side] came from Prince Edward Island.

    I live in California - work for the Federal government in Monterey.

    Take care,

    Vickie Galante