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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And the days go on

I'm still pregnant--just nine days past due is all. I had a non-stress test today and my doctor said she could let me go until the 16th. My amniotic fluid is borderline...something about me having seven millimeters (whatever that means) and five is the cut-off or something, but the baby is fine for now. Anyway, unfortunately, July 16 is a Sunday and they don't induce on the weekends, so it will have to be Friday or Monday.

I originally said Monday, but we get into problems with airports, etc., with family leaving and arriving on Tuesday. And it would be really sad for Grammy to have been here for three weeks and not ever get to see baby brother or only see him for an hour before leaving, since induction can take 24 hours or so. That said, I guess if I don't go into labor by Friday, I'll have them induce me, which is really frustrating. I just hate the idea of being given and IV and being pumped full of pitocin, which means really intense contractions and the likelihood of an epidural or C-section.

I know it's silly, but having a little bit of control or at least the illusion of control is important to me. After having no control over anything with Toddler in Chief's birth, I want to be in charge of something. I want my body to work like it's supposed to and I want to birth my baby--my way. I know the most important thing is that baby comes out healthy, but I hate feeling like I'm losing control of the situation before I even get into things.


  1. Wow Suzanne!
    That must be rough! But I totally understand your point of being in control of what happens to your own body. I am sure the baby will be fine either way. I have a feeling the baby will start on its own. Its great that you have family there to support you. It will all be wonderful. Thank you for updating us. I think Dave is a bit sick of me asking him if he has heard anything from your camp
    We are so excited for a new cousin
    Best of Luck to you Both and Riley!


  2. I hope everything goes well in spite of your fears of being induced, etc. My second nephew was born 10 days ago, 5 hours before his grandma's flight back home (whe had stayed with my brother- and sister-in-law for 18 days) so she got to see him for an hour.

  3. Oh, Suzanne! That baby just doesn't want to leave the nice environment you've created for him/her!

    My first was 10 days late and came the day before I was scheduled for an induction. Hope your baby will come on his/her own, too.

    Any day now...

  4. Pregnancy limbo is a very uncomfortable place to be. Thinking of you -- and waiting with you.


  5. Anonymous1:36 PM

    When I found out I was pg w/my surprise #3 after my heart baby, it was another heart Mom who said - aren't you looking forward to doing it "right" this time. I think from a non-heart parent I might've taken offense, but I knew exactly what she meant. I was lucky - I had a healthy first baby b/4 my heart kid taught me how to really appreciate my children. W/my daughter I really savored every thing - well - almost everything;)

    Best of luck and I hope you are able to enjoy this infancy!

    Maria - Rory 6 1/2, Gibson 4 1/2, hlhs post-Fontan and Carly 25 mos

  6. Hey, Suzanne,
    I heard through the grapevine that you had the little one! Congratulations and hope you are feeling well and keeping COOL in this heat.

    Hoping to get to make you a dinner soon!