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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Can you please help?

This is me looking forward to mandatory cookies!
I reclined in a squishy chair and was covered in a warm blanket. There were no children; there was no laundry; warm coffee and a plate of cookies was in my near future. I would have preferred softer lighting, but overall it was great place to rest. Had I closed my eyes, I suspect I would have easily fallen into a mid-morning nap. When I was all done, a swath of pink was wrapped around my arm. Where can you have this kind of treatment, you ask? At your local blood center, of course!

R will need at least four units of blood for his surgery on Thursday. Our hope is to replenish the supply, so if you are able to, please go to your local blood bank and donate in his honor. No, your blood won't be used during my son's surgery, but it will help someone else in need. 

Once you donate, please post here so that we can see how many pints we were able to rummage up in his honor. Can you spare an hour and a pint? Go on, you know you've been wanting some juice and cookies!

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  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    The girls' school is doing a blood drive on 10/21, and I've scheduled an appointment in Riley's honor. I am told GA is always low on blood and borrowing from other states.