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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The big K

Many of the women I know have kids starting kindergarten next week. It seems that most of them are feeling quite sad about this milestone because it officially means that their babies are growing up. But just as I was not sad when my kid started preschool, I'm not the tiniest bit sad about kindergarten.

Yes, I'm looking forward to a five-day-a-week break, but mostly I think I'm excited about school--and not sad--because I wasn't sure if my kid would ever make it to kindergarten. He isn't in the hospital. He can walk and talk. He can do math and read. And as of today, he can ride a bike without training wheels. Sure he gets tired more easily than other kids, but for the most part, he will blend right in. For me, it's a relief. We made it this far.


  1. Yeah! I LOVE school! Can't wait until next week!!! Sammy is a little nervous about Kindergarten, but I am SOOOO ready for him to go to school all day... if that makes me a bad mother, so what!

    I think I was much sadder when Jack went to school - and will probably be when Quinn goes, but let me tell you - next Wed is a party day in my book!

    "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." :-)

    Make sure you post some pictures of Riley's big day!

    Miss you! -K

  2. well, i hear ya, sister. i've signed my kid up for montessori school starting in a week. while he says he doesn't want to go, i just think it's so cool to send him out into the world abit. i love that his vitality has given me that chance to do it. i'm excited about the interactions he'll have with his peers (currently a huge unknown to him) and the things he'll learn in school. and i'll have 6 hours to myself during the day. whee!!

  3. Yeah for Riley! :^) No need to be sad to see him go off to school. School is coooool. ;^)

    And trust me, as a mom whose kid went to preschool 8:30-3 last year and is going to kindergareten 8:30-3 this year, they are still around PLENTY so that you don't miss them and they still act out, so you know there is still a lot of growing up to do! :^)

  4. I didn't cry either when my oldest started Kindergarten. (But I did cry on the LAST day of Kindergarten for some reason...)

    I hope he is having a great time.

    My youngest starts K on Tuesday. That will be a strange experience.