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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Which side are you on?

Last weekend Father in Chief installed a sturdy metal gate separating the computer room from the living room in order to protect the kids from the computer and the computer from the kids. But I have found that instead of locking the kids out of the computer room, I increasingly want to lock myself in.


  1. oh hell yeah! i had an area called "the cage" in my living room of my last house. it was AWESOME.

    and now that the child is a little older, i offer him a choice: You can either play in your room or you can go to bed.

    he usually chooses to play in his room. :-)

    and if he comes out of his room too much, he pays a visit to his bed (which is still his crib).

    harsh? i dunno, but i sure enjoy my alone time.

  2. What a great idea Suzanne. Mom