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Friday, February 09, 2007

Don't laugh, even if it's funny

I enjoyed the Sarcastic Journalist's post about her older child covering the baby in Vaseline when they were supposed to be playing nicely in their bedroom. Someone had commented that, "It’s hard to scold and run for your camera at the same time."

It got me thinking about funny things my own kid has said. And one nugget in particular comes to mind. We were out to dinner. It was not a fancy restaurant, but it was not filled with screaming children either. That meant that lots of people could hear if your child is loud. So we were sitting there, the food showed up, and Preschooler in Chief--then much younger--started shouting, "I want a fuck. I wanna fuck."

It was horrifying. Who did he hear that from??!! It was totally inappropriate!!?? People were staring. The more I asked him what he was talking about, the louder he shouted. And then it dawned on me what he wanted. And so I said very loudly so that everyone could hear me, "Okay honey. I'll give you a F O R K."

Hilarious and horrifying simultaneously. I did not want to laugh. But come on people, pretty effing funny. I bit my tongue at the time and got a good belly-laugh out of it when I retold it to all my friends.

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  1. We have a similar story. My husband and I were taken aback when we heard the same F* word coming from our 20-month-old. We finally figured it out about a month later when we were watching a Baby Einstein DVD...she was saying, "Frog." Guess what it sounds like when she says, "Shirt."