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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Book recommendations?

Last night, Father in Chief and I were wandering around some bookstores and I spent a lot of time in the writing/publishing section. I was reading about finding an agent, writing a book proposal, and the publishing industry in general. There were so many choices. It was a bit overwhelming for someone who has no knowledge in this area. I feel confident in my writing skills, but I've never had to think about this other stuff before. Before I committed to buying anything, I figured I'd go peruse my local library's offerings. Then once I find the ones I really like, I'll get my own copies to smudge up and fill with book darts. Getting Your Book Published for Dummies probably would have been a good place to start.

Any recommendations?

In the meantime I'm going to write. FIC is out of the house. And he took Preschooler in Chief with him, leaving the house filled with a lovely sound: silence. I realize that rare sound will be filled with whimpers and giggles as soon as Baby in Chief wakes up from his nap. But for the time being, I'm going to relish the moment and get down to work. I'm feeling so energized with this project and my hope is that I can hang onto that feeling even when writing becomes difficult, as it does at times. It's a craft of ebbs and flows, so I will do some writing instead of napping, which would be another fine--although less productive way--to enjoy the silence.

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