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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Traveling with two

I decided to brave the airports with two kids so that we could go visit our families on the east coast. When leaving San Francisco, I didn’t have to fold my stroller. They just took it over to the side and examined it for explosives and dangerous water bottles. But the Atlanta airport was not so friendly. How exactly are you supposed to fold up your stroller to get through airport security while holding a baby? I ended up setting Baby in Chief on the table. Fortunately he’s not big enough to roll off, and Toddler in Chief is a good listener so he stayed right by my side. Once I got through the metal detectors, the only table-like structure was the one with the rolling conveyor belts. I clearly couldn’t put him on that, so I just stood there and wondered what to do. Eventually one of the security personnel came over and told me I needed to move because I was blocking the aisle. But TIC and I didn’t even have our shoes on yet. Finally, I was able to talk the security guy through the process of opening my stroller and we were able to move all of our crap to another table out of the way. Good times all around, and I can’t wait until I have to transfer planes in 40 minutes or less on my way back home.


  1. Might I interest you in a sling/carrier/wrap thingie?? Airport security is the worst, and this might be your only viable option!

  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Yes, exactly. Wear your baby in a carrier or demand that someone in the airport help you out.

  3. I have a sling, but perhaps I need a better sling or an easier stroller to fold. It just seems like BIC is going to fall out as I bend over to close my stroller. Either way, airport security is a real drag with kids.

  4. I always wore my Baby Bjorn, but still needed to take the baby out to go through security. My strategy was to look around and find the nearest tween girl, then ask her if she minded holded the baby. My request never failed to light up a face -- few people mind holding a baby!

    I'm not much into asking for help, but traveling with a toddler and a baby, there was no way I could do it alone without asking and/or letting people help me.

    You are a brave woman to travel alone with two small kids. I did it a couple of times, but now I prefer to leave (at least) one at home. :)

  5. I should clarify: the tween girl held the baby while I got my shoes off and the stroller folded. I took the baby back to walk through the checkpoint.