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Monday, October 30, 2006

Afraid to commit

I've been wanting to get back into the shoes of the old Mother in Chief...the spunky writer taking issue with public figures and corporate America when parents--especially moms--are given few options when they want to pursue a family and a career.

I have several--well at least a couple--posts just floating around in my head. Even though I'm a little tardy, I'm ready to rip Michael Noer a new one over his marriage and career opinion piece in Forbes. But something is holding me back. Probably the time-commitment-thing. I used to blog daily way back when I just had one kid and no book to work on. And even then it took a lot of time and effort to write. Ahem, to write good, entertaining, smart stuff.

So I hold back. Afraid to jump in again. Afraid to start and then stop. I just don't like being a quitter. So, if I never start, I guess I'm not being a quitter, right?

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