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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

From bliss to piss in 60 seconds flat

It only took one 50-word email to turn my stomach on this whole freelance gig. Just got an email from Editor, and she wants me to focus on this two-part series that I have due in August. In the meantime, the other story that I've worked hard on is probably getting shelved for now.

I had filed my latest story before I headed to the east coast last week. I was feeling great about it. Talked to lots of great sources, shelled out a bunch of money so that Toddler in Chief was out of my hair so that I could focus and work uninterrupted, and filed the story early.

Granted I have not worked for a magazine before, and maybe stories get put on hold all the time to make room for different stories. But so far I'm not a fan. I don't do this freelance-writing stuff just to go through the motions. The whole point is that I'm working, not for the sake of yakking on the telephone with strangers and practicing my typing skills. Rather, I want to publish my work, build up my portfolio, and I want to get paid for all this work.

It's not all about the money, but a 25 percent kill-fee would be pathetic for the amount of time I put into this article. I'm also working because I want to keep my skills in good shape and so that I don’t go completely forgo who I was before I had TIC. I'm doing this for me and if I start not liking the results, then I may need to head down a different path.

I'm sure I’m feeling extra crotchety right now because it's 99 degrees and extremely muggy right now at 10:30 pm, in charming Western New York. Maybe I won't feel so agitated in the morning or if Editor changes her mind after reading my mildly-persuading email trying to convince her to publish the piece anyway.


  1. I sometimes think that when I do go back to work, my current job as a full time parent will have helped me to be more patient and tolerant of those types of workplace shortcomings. But then, I wonder if I'm more understanding of little children's whims than that of an adult's. I can totally understand your frustration. Hopefully they'll change their minds and publish your article!!

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    that stinks. any chance you can peddle the story to another pub?