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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Disillusioned, discouraged, discontinued

Writing here has been an amazing outlet for me during the past year. But as I hunker down and actually make a go of this freelance thing, I find myself being pulled in a variety of directions, emotionally, mentally, and physically. And mostly that leaves me without the time and energy to keep writing here.

When I started this venture, I was addressing the larger concerns of working parents. But as I progressed with my own aspirations to continue writing professionally, I digressed to focus primarily on my own internal struggles as a mom who also wants to work.

If anyone is interested in this ongoing battle, there are many, many great blogs out there. Please check out Writing Mommy: Bethany Hiitola. She rocks and is my absolute favorite blogger, probably because she shares a lot of the same struggles that I have written about. A couple of others I want to mention are:

Playground Revolution
Bitch. Ph. D
Half Changed World

I might be back, but for now I need to release myself from the pressure I feel to write. I guess I just need a little less guilt in my world right now ;-)

Suzanne Galante
(Aspiring) Freelance Writer


  1. Hi Suzanne,

    I just stopped by today to see how you're doing, and sorry to hear about the story not getting published. I don't do much free-lance writing, but my friends do, and this is so typical and par for the course. I worked on a feature article for a magazine last year, spent hours, paid lots of aftercare at my daughter's school, and then, oh, the editor decided it didn't fit the winter issue. Just like that. We're with you, it's totally frustrating.

    Know that you're not alone! I know how hard it is to juggle writing--which doesn't pay very well, which actually for most of us pays less than childcare and babysitting costs, at least at the beginning. Stay calm, know that we're all behind you. But for heaven's sake, don't close down your blog! We all will miss you too much. Just release yourself from pressure, and check in when you want, when you're ready. No pressure, just a little hint here and there about you, and Toddler-in-Chief, and the rest of the gang. Okay?

    We're all behind you as you move into this new combination of work and parenting. We're totally behind you. And if your readers were with you, we'd organize some system to help you through this rough part. Here's hoping that nine months from now this is just a small, barely memorable bump in the road.

    Miriam Peskowitz
    The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars: Who Decides What Makes a Good Mother

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM


    i second miriam's comments. i love your blog and will miss reading posts about your journey. i'm on the same one.

    and anything i can do to help you get hooked up with any editors i work with in the bay area, say the word. i'm here to help.


  3. Sorry to hear that you're having a rough patch -- definitely post updates when you're feeling up to it.

    And you're still a freelance writer -- getting articles killed is unfortunately part of the job.

  4. Good luck with everything! You will be missed during your (hopefully) short hiatus.

  5. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I want to echo some the other readers and say "please keep blogging!"

  6. Good luck with your writing. I got your blog name from Miriam (I don't know if you saw her post mentioning you). I'm also a mom writer. It's been three months since I sent my book proposal to editors, and I'm still waiting for a taker. What keeps me going is the realization that I need to write for myself. Getting readers is gravy.