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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Grief and Becoming Tapatio: Day 3

Who could have guessed that today was going to be tricky draping fabric day. What I imagined was a pretty straight forward bit of red paint under Tapatio Riley's torso turned out to be rather complex. Something about how the lowlights and highlights blend from one to another and back again so quickly as the fabric folds over on itself. It's not perfect, but once I put the white lettering on top of it, I don't think the imperfections will be as noticeable. The neck tie is similarly complex with folds, shadows, and highlights. Will definitely need to tweak it on the next painting day. I also started on the yellow jacket. I ran out of yellow house paint and resorted to kids' paint. Needless to say, it's just not the same. It is far too watery, and despite going over it several times, my sketch lines are still visible. But at least I can get an idea of how it's coming together. #feelingpleased #HotSauceRiley #RileyForever

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