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Friday, January 30, 2015

Every eight weeks

I donate in honor of Riley
I was reading a book at the juice and cookie table today about why people donate blood, and one of the stories really resonated with me. A woman wrote that while the doctors made decisions about her care, it was blood that saved her. Doctors could not have saved her without blood. Same goes for Riley all the years he was alive. 

It’s that time again, people. Every eight weeks. If you are eligible, please donate. Do it because giving feels good; do it because you can; do it to honor someone; do it because someone you love may need it one day. And it doesn’t cost you anything aside from an hour chunked out of your calendar. Just one hour every eight weeks. Make an appointment. My next one is already booked for March 27. Let me know if you want to go together.

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  1. Donate blood before Thursday, Feb. 5, and schedule your following donation for Riley's birthday--April 2 (eight weeks between donations). I'm going to push my March 27 appointment back a week so that it lands on his birthday. Join me. If you go to Stanford Blood Center, be sure to look for Riley's story in the bound book about why people donate.