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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Is this article sponge-worthy?

Even though Seinfeld aired its last episode 13 years ago this month, so many situations in life still circle back to its timeless tales.

On my way to class tonight, the woman I carpool with and fellow MFA student and I chatted about how we get our news. For better or for worse, I've found that breaking news often comes through Facebook. Someone comments on or reposts an article and it shows up in my newsfeed. Handy. From there, I either click on the link or head to Most of her news used to come from the, which is set as her home page. But things have changed.

Two months ago, the NYTimes started limiting the number of articles that could be accessed for free each month. As a result, she finds herself hesitating before exercising her index finger. I was immediately reminded of Elaine’s dilemma after learning that the Today Sponge was being taken off the market.

With every choice we make, we give something up. For Elaine, it was one of her coveted sponges. For my writing colleague, it's one of her 20 free articles. In both situations, it's only after they go through with it can they know if it was worth it.

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