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Thursday, December 18, 2008


C is no longer welcome at his preschool. I just found out Wednesday, and I was initially feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I was told that he continues to hurt other kids and can be disruptive during nap time.

I knew that there were having trouble with him occasionally. I knew that he had hit another child with a toy, and I knew that he did not nap one day and some of the other kids started to emulate him. But I didn't know that it had gotten to a point where they didn't want him at the school. His problems seem like typical behaviors for two year olds. After a few hours of reflection, my initial feelings faded, and I decided that they are just old (the couple that runs the school is in their mid- to late-60s) and they don't want any kids that aren't super mellow. R would have been the perfect preschooler for this hippy school with the chicken coop, bird aviary, and organic vegetable garden. I used to hear that he was "such a delight." Turns out they were talking about R -- R would join his brother at the preschool a couple of days a week after kindergarten.

C was welcome to stay though the end of the month, since we had already paid for those days, but I decided that yesterday would be his last day. If they don't want him there, then I certainly don't want him to be there. Fortunately they refunded my money for the remaining days. With Christmas just days away, I'm sure I'll find another way to spend that $240. Oh wait, I already spent it.


  1. One cannot help but wonder how these people manage to run a child care center if they do not know how to handle rambunctious 2 year olds. Being mid 60's myself, I fear it is not age alone that hinders them. They probably never could handle typical 2 year olds. You think??? Perhaps they have been smoking too many leafy green plants...teehee..C will be much better off. Cannot wait to be with him and R. Loveya, Grammy Peg and Wayne

  2. Wow that's crazy! Haven't seen C since K's wedding but must say........if P is ?ing it then B will too! LOL I love talking in code and also AP I didn't think I ever would hear u talking about smoking plants! That another crazy thing LOL Merry Christmas!!!

  3. The hard thing is that I loved that school. And it was a hippy school in a good way with their Obama signs and their No on Prop 8 signs and their mellow environment with loads of outdoor space and not many kids. I'm sure he wasn't the first kid asked to leave, and I'm sure the more he sensed he was not welcome, the more he was acting up. Poor kid. Been trying to give him some extra love these past few days to remind him that we love him no matter what and that he is a good kid, even if he does naughty stuff. We prefer him when he does not do naughty things, though.

  4. Ack! Well that stinks! :^( I hope you can find a new school for him soon!

  5. Well, that seems crazy. But our kids went to one year of a nursery school with a very hippy, crunchy-granola ethos, and while I loved certain aspects of it, we left after one year -- and might have been asked not to return, if not for our voluntary departure.

    I'm glad that you're not fretting it too much anymore -- Happy New Year.

  6. Hi Susan,

    I'm writing an article on paediatric intensive care for Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I would like permission to use your beautiful picture of your son in PICU, which I found at

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    I hope you find another center for C!