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Friday, April 25, 2008

How CS Mom got her groove back

As a woman who works out of a home office, a reason to get dressed in something that isn't cottony or stretchy is rare. Sure I have the occassional business meeting or networking event, but for the most part it doesn't matter if I'm wearing sensible shoes or a g-string. No one sees me.

I've admitted somewhere along the way that one of my favorite parts about actually going to an office to work is the outfits. I love a reason to color coordinate my favorite lipstick (although I do wear lipstick daily) with my cute businessy attire. That, and the coffee breaks with coworkers. I supposed the glory of seeing my name is print is pretty cool too.

All of this came to the forefront this past weekend during the height of Birthday Season. Many of the people we see during Birthday Season, we only see during this birthday-filled time of year. And I was shocked when I saw Computer Science Mom. She has a whole new look and she was barely recognizable. She was wearing high heels, eye shadow, a sassy low-cut top, and her hair was super cute. She looked fabulous! This is a woman who was in sweat pants nearly every time I saw her for two years. She was a frumpy, albeit comfortably-dressed woman. What's her secret for getting out of her slump? Going back to work.

For me--when I have the rare business meeting or interview--it's a reason to still own those cute clothes. And when I exercise my right to get dressed up, even without something important in my schedule, it's amazing how it makes me feel like a whole different person.

So after that birthday party where CS Mom shone brightly, I decided to take some action to make myself feel better. Sure, no one sees me but the babysitter, but I want to dress the part. I decided the part I'll be playing is that of a successful writer. Or at least the part of a super cute mom. If putting on a flowing skirt makes me feel glamorous and successful, then I'm going for it. What am I saving those clothes for anyway? If I wait too long to wear them, then they are just going to go out of style.

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  1. It's amazing how the right clothes can make a woman feel so pretty. I've recently transitioned to full-time Mommy after 5 years as a wedding consultant. Although I surely enjoy my time with my children everyday more so than showing up to an office everyday, I do miss dressing up.

    However, I've made it a point to buy easy to wear pieces such as cotton A-line dresses that tie at the waist, fitted jeans, and plenty of cute tops that I can throw on with a cardigan. I've also cleared out my closet so there are only limited pieces and it's never too difficult to find/decide on something to wear.

    And, a cute haircut is a must! Your hair is the ultimate accessory to your outfit. Even with a little lipgloss or blush and nothing else, I still looked pulled together.

    It's funny...sometimes, I try not to look "too" pulled together because I'm afraid other moms may think all I do is pamper myself all day. But, really, it could be so simple.

    You go, girl. It's important to take care of yourself, too. No use in waiting for an special meeting or occasion to look your best.