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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You think you know a brand

And then wham, they go and put fish oil in your baby's yogurt! When did organic, whole milk yogurt need to have anchovy oil, sardine oil, and tilapia fish gelatine in it?

I have been buying Stonyfield yogurt for years and have never noticed that before. But perhaps I never noticed because they don't put that kind of nastiness in the plain yogurt that I usually buy.

But here in Western New York, the Stonyfield Farm Organic YoBaby was the only whole milk yogurt in the grocery store. So I bought it without even reading the label. Because I trusted the brand, I thought I knew what I was buying. No such luck. Gross.


  1. Didja know Stonyfield was owned 85% by the same company as Dannon yogurt?

    and this:

  2. The Stonyfield yogurt that contains those fish oils is their "fruit and cereal" version with DHA.
    They derive the DHA from the fish oils, and you cannot taste them.
    However, don't fear; their regular versions are still without the fish oils. Your market may simply have been out of them.