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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Floundering, feeling discouraged

I'm not sure if Preschooler in Chief's health problems have been the catalyst to my stagnation or if they just exacerbated the problem. But whatever the cause, there has been an abrupt halt to my enthusiasm. I just feel discouraged, derailed, disappointed in myself.

I was so excited for my book project, but scrounging up the energy lately has been almost as impossible as getting both of my kids to nap at the same time. It does happen occasionally, but because it is so rare, I usually squander the moment on something else, like a much-needed shower or an opportunity to whip up a batch of baby food. I shouldn't say was. I am excited, but it seems that the universe is working against me.

Sickness after sickness. Eye infection after eye infection. Vomiting at the grocery store. Another week off from preschool (why are the schools closed so frequently??!!). My sitter canceling--yet again.

It is just so hard to muster the enthusiasm when all I'm aching for is a good night's rest. No coughing. No post-nasal drip. Just good, restful sleep. Puleese!! Maybe then, when the basics are covered, I will feel enthusiastic for my book project. For now, I'm just trying to survive the week, the day, the next five minutes.


  1. Don't be discouraged! Your book project will still happen, just not as quickly as you had hoped. You have a gripping story that people will want to hear. And you have more important things to deal with right now. Hang in there.

  2. Suzanne, so sorry to hear that PIC is back in the hospital. anyway, the book project will be there when you get back to it. When you are ready to look at it again, email me, I have some good "how to get a book published" ideas people gave me when I was working on my own (still unpublished, but nevertheless fruitful) book project. (hopefully you remember me from our correspondence last year - we worked at the same company a loooong time ago).