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Saturday, May 20, 2006

TIC doing better; MIC not so much...

We finally celebrated TIC's third birthday today--just seven weeks late. From a cardiac perspective, he's doing great. Unfortunately, his lymphatic system isn't healed and he's back on a non-fat diet for another month. As for me, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I fell down the stairs last night and broke my left foot. As if my life wasn't exciting enough. Now I'm on crutches and practically useless as a caretaker. Ugh. Actually, at this point, we're not sure if my foot is broken or just sprained...we didn't get an x-ray. But I'll either be on crutches for two weeks or five weeks. At least I didn't fall on my belly and go into labor.


  1. 34 weeks! OMG, you're almost due with #2. You're amazing with all that you're doing; hope TIC is 100% soon.

  2. I still just can't BELIEVE it!!! I'm so, so sorry! I mean thank GOD you weren't hurt worse and Riley and the baby are fine. Now, remember. Two to five weeks is a long time when you're pregnant, and SHOWERS (in addition to stairs) are slippery. Tell FIC or Grampy to go out right now and get one for you! I know they sell them at Bed, Bath & Beyond!!


  3. Oh My! Thank goodness TIC is returning to *something* like normal... or at least on the recovery. But you! Please, please rest and take care of yourself. OH MY! Take deep breaths ... it will all work out. Broken ankle or not.

  4. I'm glad to hear TIC is doing okay. Sorry to hear about your fall. Oh my gosh! Hope all is okay.