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Saturday, May 20, 2006

TIC doing better; MIC not so much...

We finally celebrated TIC's third birthday today--just seven weeks late. From a cardiac perspective, he's doing great. Unfortunately, his lymphatic system isn't healed and he's back on a non-fat diet for another month. As for me, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I fell down the stairs last night and broke my left foot. As if my life wasn't exciting enough. Now I'm on crutches and practically useless as a caretaker. Ugh. Actually, at this point, we're not sure if my foot is broken or just sprained...we didn't get an x-ray. But I'll either be on crutches for two weeks or five weeks. At least I didn't fall on my belly and go into labor.


  1. 34 weeks! OMG, you're almost due with #2. You're amazing with all that you're doing; hope TIC is 100% soon.

  2. I'm glad to hear TIC is doing okay. Sorry to hear about your fall. Oh my gosh! Hope all is okay.